Publishing January 2017

Blood usually only means one thing to vampires – dinnertime. Not true for Vivien di Rossi, vamp ruler of Nevada. For Viv blood means family first, from her undead children down to her friends.

Life has been pretty quiet in Las Vegas, but that sort of thing doesn’t last long when you’re running the supernatural operations of an entire state. Vivien finds out the Mortal Conflicts are coming, scheduled to happen right under her very nose. The Conflicts are an underground Vampire-Consul-approved battle to the death, and she’s already lost one of her children to the twisted games. With the help of her closest allies she devises a plan to kick them out of her territory for good, but she’ll have to do it from the inside. Unfortunately, as if the impending arrival of some of her greatest enemies isn’t enough, her youngest child goes missing. How will she prioritize one of the things she hates most in the world against one of the people she loves most?

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